domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Lagrims From My Alm (The Tercer Part)

Viniending from a long vacation
Here i escrib again
i want to recuerd my gent
acerc the woman who apagated my flame

It all comenced in the Inviern
our home was very cold
she left a note on my almohad
saying that she se embaló

I was very trist
i went corriending to church
but i had to caminate naked
i had no rop on my perch

I still sient her presence
i still huelate her scent
i still guard the recibs
of all the money that i sent

In the cocin there is no comid
because i dont feel like cocining
my barrig is very vaciated
like in lottery, my balls are tomboling

The air i respirate is useless
if u are not cerc of me
that is why i am escribing
Lagrims from my Alm part 3

Truens, rays and aguacers
are now lloving from my eyes
until the next poem i say


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Luis Florentino dijo...

-mer- omg mai fren.. dis is bery trist what shu are pasanding... Florentino